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Cocktail Menu

Artwork developed for MAG Caffè

The challenge of this project was to translate the theme of this seasonal cocktail menu into an artwork, that incorporated Mag Caffè’s cozy and vintage mood. The theme of this season's menu is Disney - each cocktail on this menu refers to a different Disney story. 

So the Menu’s art direction was designed to be fun as the menu's theme itself. My goal was to recall a magical children’s book, made for adults. A different artwork was developed for each spread, and half of the spreads featured interaction elements that invited you to play with the menu, in order to discover the cocktails. The style intended for the project is artistic, mystical and vintage. 

Press Releases:
Questa mia Milano


Mag Cafè

Annelise Papaleo Wagner :

Art Director // Co-Graphic Designer

Paula Dantas :

Co-Graphic Designer // Art Finalist