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Food & Beverages Inc.

Social Media Communication

Series of artworks developed for Farmily Brand

In the year of 2018, Farmily stopped being a specific product and became a brand with a series of products. So, the challenge in this communication, was to visually inform the change of direction within Farmily, and to set a mood that represented the brand’s concept, while getting user attention in the social media.

So, the communication aspect visually informs that Farmily has different product lines, and that each product and each line has it’s own characteristics.

While the feeling of the artwork, represents the brand’s concept: farm - connection to the land and natural ingredients; and family - union, friendship, working together as a family. With that mood in mind, i’ve chosen an artistic style to reach a highly cultured audience, and I made a fun ‘explosive - like’ composition, with the presence of natural ingredients and handmade elements to give a sense of nature, quality and artisanal.


Farmily Brand

Annelise Papaleo Wagner :

Art Director // Graphic Designer